Design Options
for Boat Mats

Boat Mat Design Options

Boat Boarding Mats, Gunwale Mats, Cockpit Mats

These boat mats are a great way to protect your gelcoat and greet your guests.Boat Mats feature non-skid backings, are made of heavy marine canvas and weighted at each end to assure that they stay put in a breeze.

Our gunwale mat, and cockpit mats offers protection from dirt and scratches while making a great impression to your boarding guests. Heavily waited ends and a non-skid backing will keep the cover of the boat mats in its place.

Gunwale Mat cover for boats protects the sideboard while cleaning the shoes of those who are boarding. Weights at each end of the Gunwale Mat help to keep it in place. Made of plush carpet that is 100% waterproof, stain, fade, mold and mildew resistant, with a non-skid rubber backing. All edges of boat mats are beautifully finished with poly binding.

These Boat Boarding Mat is more than just a welcome mat for your boat! This exceptionally crafted mat is designed to fit over the gunwale to protect a boat’s finish from those inevitable scratches and nicks that come from loading and unloading your coolers, fishing tackle, boating gear, and even passengers! Weighted ends keep the Boat Mat anchored while a non-skid underlay prevents slips. We use UV resistant polyester thread and durable Sunbrella™ marine-grade fabric that is made to last season after season.

Cockpit Mat is made from durable, stain and UV-resistant, marine-grade carpet and backed with tough, Non-Skid material treated to resist mold and mildew. Sized at 18” x 24”. Available in Blue, Gray, Black or Hunter Green. This Boat Mat can be ordered plain, with embroidered boat name, or with boat name and additional design. Designs include Blue Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin, Sailfish, Striper, or Wheel & Rope.


Gunwale Mat

22" x 38" Custom Embroidered Gunwale Mat


Gunwale Mat

30" x 38" Custom Embroidered Gunwale Mat

Cockpit Mat

18" x 24" Custom Embroidered Cockpit Mat